Aliases:  the rock, dilly dally, dildo

Enjoys:  weak lattes, working, order, timber, missionary, armpit slash-backs, crisp duds, dinner for two

Dislikes:  papaya, right handers, clothing thieves 

Physicals:  nose, pecs, chin, dreamy blue pools, whole head

Kryptonite:  double espresso

Traits:  reliable, dependable, organised, nice guy, doggish

Also..  company man, liked amongst mothers, no eyebrows, shaun t & yoga, dangerous when attacks



Aliases:  kman, k, kdog, kewboo

Enjoys:  borrowing clothes, storytime hand actions, ping pong, treasure hunts, dyl's weak bladder, synthesisers

Dislikes:  belongings, mick's ideas, whinging

Physicals:  terror beard, neanderthal feet, junkie rig, skewed shoulders

Kyrptonite:  the big smoke

Traits:  confused, lacks discipline, sporadic, untrained

Also..  easy to feed, sleeps anywhere, hospitality voice, born 1000 years late, absorption rice specialist



Aliases:  micky dollar, hay-z, fatso

Enjoys:  duck pancakes & backflips, business time, hand me downs, duck-diving, party rep, racing, livin'

Dislikes:  authority, last drinks, unreasonable bouncers, boring brooms

Physicals:  sloppy shoulders, strawberry moustache, ageing hands

Kryptonite: birth defects

Traits:  thoughtful, easily distracted, high volume, energy to burn

Also..  only child, ex rapper, ex ripped, poor sense of smell, tube hungry, tiler, bricklayer, carpenter, engineer, plasterer, electrician, dodgy tradesman

jodi 2 cropped.jpg


Aliases:  bengadoggy, benga, jowee

Enjoys:  second day sessions, surf lingo, holding down the point, hiking, cook ups, late spanners, dungaree’s, robes & room service

Dislikes: second place & bad pics

Physicals: pearly white baby teeth, creature walk, blonde locks, scarred face

Kyrptonite: hollandaise sauce

Traits:  friendly, indecisive, rule maker, easily amused

Also..  huskies, middle child, cooks for cred, shoulder rider, dare devil, local enforcer, rides ditch tasman shapes, stroller


Aliases:   brio, dee jay flat top

Enjoys: brazil, dirty work, biographies, bridesmaides, Mike Tyson & when the planets align

Dislikes:  fat lips & trouble makers

Physicals:  jurie johns genes, chinese whispy, heavy rig

Kyrptonite: fakes

Traits:  blender, easy, nice and easy

Also..  ex blader, ex private eye, AWOL, shady,  nice and easy



plus guest appearances...