Put the kettle on

A tonne has happened since the last write-up, the last two months has seen a heap of action both on and off the boat with all the crew arriving in Malta and seeing the yacht for the first time.  We've been slack on the website lately but the social media department is now back on track after Dyl was promoted to 'Head of Social'. His infamous '3 Strike' regime was promptly adopted and the social department is now running like a Volkswagen factory. Here's a rundown of the last month or so:

Dyl & Gab tie up in Malta

After a big charter season, 'Silver Dream' arrived in Malta with the above mentioned onboard and eager to get their first glimpse of 'Starlight'. On arrival to the vessel they discovered Brio had left the boat with arrival gifts including rum, food & tobacco for all. Charlie Chaz Kirkby, an integral part of the yachts history and good friend of thewetwayhome, joined the revelers as they slowly absorbed all the sights and smells of the old Scottish vessel. Rum flowed while music played and blue smoke drifted gently up into the wheelhouse and out into the pre dawn Maltese air. 

Mick & Jo pull into port

The following day the above rolled into town, also very keen to gaze upon the yacht that had been purchased, sight unseen. A gathering of familiar heads formed, and the rum and tobacco were rolled out again.

A good night was had by all, and those who slept onboard woke to find the boat slowly sinking - with water already up around the bottom of the engine. A few hazy heads went into panic mode, darting around the vessel dodging empty bottles and sleeping bodies, bilge pumps were engaged and the ship was saved. Turns out some of the revelers, namely Stevo, Tobes and Mantooth partook in a game not for the faint of heart and may have widened some cracks in the old girl. Add it to the job list.

Mdina Grand Prix

Every year the streets of Malta shutdown for a classic car grand prix that attracts international speedsters from various European nations. Mick raced last year in Chaz's wheels, got a taste of some street cred, and went looking to buy a race car later that afternoon. This year he returned to the track in his own car, helmet underarm and race crew in tow. The morning of race one Mick arrived at Starlight bright and early to assemble the crew for his big day on the track. His happiness on seeing movement around the decks quickly evaporated as it became obvious that the smiling bloodshot eyes that greeted him had yet to find a pillow. 

Regardless, people dragged themselves to the track & Mick buckled up to try make Australia and Joni proud. At the first whiff of burning rubber the chaos is his mind cleared and focused on the task ahead. Four days of hard racing ensued and when the dust had settled, Mick emerged triumphant, with a win in his class and the 'duchov trophy' for excellence in life style. 

GoPros, Cameras, Toys and Flight Training

Christmas came early for the crew of Starlight when several exciting packages sat waiting in the Marina office. The GoPros that Harley organised showed up, the big film gear order arrived, there was an amp, pedals and mini drum kit sitting there, and a drone awaiting take-off. 

Eager to get in the air - Mick chucked on the aviators and got to work on setting up the drone. A frustrating afternoon turned into a expletive filled evening and the drone was still sitting stationary on the dinner table. Finally, software and hardware decided to cooperate and a weary Mick, not being able to wait until morning, headed out into the street to have his maiden flight. 

The take off went smoothly and the drone set off into the night sky. Focused on the shot and not looking at the drone - the whirring blades were soon chopping leaves and branches and then plummeting towards the dirt. Landing upside down on the tarmac and with some obvious damage - it looked as if the new toy was finished. It wasn't the case - the blades were replaced and the drone has been flying well since.

First Movements

Starlight was moved around the corner to a new berth. After a shaky start in the engineering department - the boat got off the dock for the first time with its new proud owners behind the wheel. The neighbors happily waved us off and Starlight was chugging away on the glassy morning sea. Duncan, Seb, Nicky and Jimmy lended a hand and helped the maiden voyage go off without a hitch. A celebratory cup of tea was had on arrival. 

first movements.png