The Queen's in town - Mick's in the slammer

Occasionally there's a little wave in Malta when it's been windy for a few days. Today was such a day so the cars were packed and everyone headed to the northern tip of the island - Golden Bay. There wasn't a lot on offer, but times are tough in the Mediterranean Sea, so there were a few desperadoes keen for a paddle. The sun peaked through the clouds just as the wind backed away, so the crew on the beach put the drone in the air to grab some shots of the pleasant afternoon. 

Shortly after the drone landed, two policeman were spotted marching earnestly across the sand. Being the most dubious mob on the beach, it became clear where they were headed. Tense words were spoken and the drone was confiscated and its owner taken into custody for further questioning. Turns out the big dogs from every Commonwealth nation were in town and staying in the beach hotel the drone was buzzing around. When we were no longer suspected to be ISIS spies posing as Aussies surfers plotting mischief towards the Queen, the mood relaxed and everybody headed off to the station to complete the formalities.

After viewing the footage, the sergeant summoned an officer to fetch the biscuits and coffee and started to let his stories roll. Full of coffee, Mick decided he had a few stories of his own. Some time later, when all the telling was done, Sergeant David said it was an honour to meet everybody, and wished Starlight and its crew all the best in its future endeavours.