Mick knee-capped at nightclub

A recent evening in a trendy Turkish hotspot, where only the rich & beautiful go to smoke shisha's and talk carpet, took a turn for the worst when a 31 year old Australian man leaped from the stage and landed heavily on his knees - fracturing a knee cap.

A man, known only as 'Mantooth', paid $50 to another man, Dylan, on the agreement he would dance seductively on stage around a pole whilst maintaining eye contact. Dylan accepted and continued to fulfil their agreement. 

Another man, Michael, who was part of the group but unaware of the arrangement, turned from the bar to see his companion on stage alone, thrusting and smiling at the crowd. Not to be outdone, he raced onto the stage, laid down his own brand, and set-up for the routine's finale - a back-flip from the stage.

With the crowds eyes transfixed, he flipped, under-rotated, and landed knees first amongst the revellers, who had stopped dancing to watch the spectacle. With pain shooting up his legs, he stood, waved, and hobbled off - blinking back the waterworks. 

Doctors prescribed 6 weeks in a brace and a 3 month flip hiatus.