Lucky tender find on Croatian Island

Email From Mick to the crew

"Had a major froth attack just before, Nick and i were sitting in the wheelhouse and saw this tender "black" navy seal style cruising past the bow of our boat and thought fuck that is sooo sick so i whistled to him and ran to the back of the boat and waved him over to have a look and try and get the brand. it turns out he is a boat builder from Holland and he built it himself! It is a prototype he is working on. we continued talking and i asked how much one would cost and if i could get one somehow he said "a new one or this one"?? i said i dont want to take your pride and joy but this one of course! he rattled off some numbers.. the 25 fourstroke mercury has 18 hours.. and is about 4800 new. so... ..... lets say 4000 total. i said can you ship it to Malta.....choose your own adventure"

he said with 6 people your doing 20 kts no worries. 

 it weighs 160kg in total including the engine!!!!

can be packed down completely

 PVC 1.2mm with 5mm sidewall reinforcement

inflatable hull 5mm  with solid keel

unsinkable he reckons because of all the compartment designing

opportunity seized yeow!