Violent storm hits Paxos - Wet Way crew shaken not stirred

Superyachts Imperial Dream and Perseus 3 with future Wet Way Home crew members onboard, were lucky to escape from almost certain shipwreck off the Greek island of Paxos, when a violent storm unexpectedly lashed the island.

Just after the strike of midnight, the pleasant evening turned into absolute chaos as an enraged storm ripped through the bay, with crew scrambling to save their vessels.

As  anchors dragged, shorelines snapped and machinery was pushed to the limits, composure and wits were tested, leaving some less fortunate than others

Mayday calls flowed through the VHF like rain in the tropics but it was every ship for themselves, no one being in a position to come to the aid of others.

shipwreck 2.jpg

Mick Hay:

"One of our shore lines snapped the rock it was tied to, we dropped the other on and tried to escape with two anchors to bring in, it was a disaster. There was a moment where I thought this is it, we are actually about to hit the rocks, I couldn't believe it and almost accepted it, the waves were 2 metres beam on, the boat was moving about 6 knots sideways and almost capsizing, the engines were not responding, the rocks were imminent, It was a frightening place to be in.

"We managed to get away but the door had bent and filled the garage with water so the bilge alarms were sounding which added to the intensity.

"I called Perseus on the VHF to see where they were going because know one knew what was going on or where to go, they went north and we went east – good luck was the only thing one could say…"