Dear Dylan,

Dylan's well known for a few things. He works long and hard without complaint, and enjoys a beer when the day is done. He likes camembert and clean clothes. But don't be thinking that's all there is to Dylan. Dylan's deep. 

So when Mick made a rule that journals were to be kept and issued diaries on the spot, Dyl took his new possession and placed it next to his hair comb on the nightstand. Nowdays, before extinguishing his lantern, Dyl puts ink to paper and a new section of the news was born.

April 2, 2016

It was time... My two months of holiday's were up and I finally had to go back to work onboard Silver Dream - which was currently in Nice port, France. I looked around at all the jobs left unfinished and thought ... “fuck, there’s still a lot left to do”. I wished I had another two weeks.... 

In that same moment, Mick and I had a celebratory rum and acknowledged all the work that the 3 of us had completed. Having the mast and rigging up was the main one, and what a job that was. We were glad we finished that one because without the 3 of us there for this, the mast and rigging installation would’ve been nearly impossible. Getting the rig up before Kew left was imperative as he pulled down the old rig and knew exactly where all the new members had to be fitted. The framework for the new fwd cabin was almost complete, the house battery boxes complete and ready for battery installation, the bowsprit was installed along with the new booms and their 20 coats of varnish. These are but a few of the jobs that we were toasting to. 

So with Kew off in search for work in the America’s and myself back to France, the payload of work all of a sudden fell like a pile of rusty pig iron into the lap of Mick. One sentence comes to mind... “where do I start?” with a bunch of jobs lying in wait, some big, some small. Knowing Mick, he was about to make a start on them all. 

Further to the long list if things to do, Mick also had the daunting job of sorting out all the footage that we’d acquired over the past 6 months. Now believe me, having Mick tell us for the past 6 months to “film everything”, “‘you gotta film it” , “why the fuck didn’t you film that” ... I can only imagine the state of the unorganised footage that was sitting on those hard drives waiting to be logged. This too was Mick’s show... Another thing in the back of his mind that squeezed that rubber band around his head that little bit tighter. The stress was building...

August 5, 2016

Fast forward now to the beginning of August. Just by chance, a repeat charter guest for Silver Dream decides he will start his charter in Valletta, Malta. So there’s me, rubbing my hands together, knowing that I will be able to drop in on “Starlight” and check out all the work that has been done while I’ve been away. 

As the 5th Aug approached, the crew on Silver Dream must’ve thought “I wish this guy would stop talking about his damn boat”... The excitement was showing. 

We arrived in Malta in the AM after a 24hr steam from Palermo, Sicily. “Starlight” was first sighted from the tender as we were dropping our passports in for check in. Her masts in the foreground of the shipyards cranes glistening in the morning sunlight. And, soon enough, we were onboard.... 

Where to look first??? My mind drew a blank as to where we kept the key, we were locked out, heavy. But we found a way in, along with the key, and with “Mantooth” and “Jenny from the dock”  along for a captain cook, we hit max froth (at least I did anyway). 

After a quick mast inspection, we were inside looking at a nice new main saloon, equipped with a new deep burgundy upholstered daybed, varnished floorboards and lo and behold, a new custom made freezer. The space was now large enough to swing a cat and the turkish floor rug really set off the new decor.

Step fwd a few more steps and we found ourselves peering into the new fwd cabin. Now sporting a double bed, extra storage cupboards, but, most importantly, the music studio. To the starboard side of the new cabin, was a new bathroom, boasting a shower that Kew and I can stand tall in, along with a new throne that got a good test run by Mantooth one morning. 

Further toward the bow, we found the bosun’s locker now equipped with new shelves for the tools along with nice timber draws for the hand tools. Not to mention, the anchor chain stowed neatly in the freshly painted anchor locker. Peking duck... 

The froth was high this day, and although she was in need of a wash, “Starlight” was looking the best I’d seen her. Ever. The word “majestic” may have even been used to describe her on this day. 

Gab and I enjoyed our second only sleepover onboard, and it was great to see one of our girls enjoying the mood “Starlight” offered up. An ‘Otis Redding’ record was spun, and a relaxing beverage on the sundeck was in order.   

So, fast forward another week or so, and here I am writing a blog for thewetwayhome’s news page (am I a blogger now? WTF??). We are busy with another charter off the coast of Sicily and back to the grind. After seeing “Starlight” this last time, all of a sudden, things seem to be coming together. A combined effort from the 3 of us at the start of the year, followed by a huge push from Micko this last few months, along with a great deal of help from others, puts us well on track to be off at the end of the year. 

There are still a few jobs to complete, her sails are on order, the generator is in place but not fitted, and the water maker is ready to be installed. But hey, we’ve made it this far, the rest should be a piece of piss. 

There are some exciting things coming up. Sea trials will be a highlight. Testing out the old girl in a decent size, short period, windy Mediterranean swell will be a good shake down, for both crew and vessel alike. 

So cheers Micko for the solid effort this last few months, “Starlight” is looking ship shape. That's enough from this bulletin. Till next time @thewetwayhome.