Dear Dylan, Part 2

Wonder what Dylan's been up to these past few weeks? Wonder no longer! Second instalment of Dear Dylan - straight from under his pillow, ink and tears still damp upon the pages.

After an earlier than expected arrival in Malta, we were super grateful to be settling into Mick and Joey's pad in Spinola Bay. As it turned out, Dirk, (the tenant living in Mick's place) had done his time in Malta for now. He was outta here. Dirk, a top bloke might I add, moved out the day after we moved in.

Dirk showed us around and made us aware of all the new features that the "Spinola Pad" now had to offer. The lower level reeked of damp due to the flood that happened 6 months prior, there was mould everywhere. The downstairs toilet no longer flushed cause the sewage pump was fucked and, to shower, he was standing in Joni's largest cooking pot until it filled and then disposing the remains in the kitchen sink... classic! So I called a plumber who removed a few tampex and 20 wet wipes from the sewage pump, all for 25 Euros, and boom, we were back in action showering without a cooking pot in sight.  We re-plasted and painted a couple of mouldy walls and thought we should leave the rest to stress Mick out when he gets back. 

As for the Starlight, well today we officially finalised the order for the new sails. The main and the mizzen sail are on their way. Four weeks until arrival apparently. It would be pretty funny watching me walk into a sail makers loft a try and talk shop with them. I paid the asked deposit and got outta there before they started talking about "luffs" and "reaches" and other sailors chat that I just wouldn't have had a "clew" about. The new sails will be keeping in the same colour scheme as the old ones - a dark maroon/brown/pooey colour which will, in time, fade to a lighter more piratey brown after many salty days in the sun. 

The job that's sucking the motivation out of all of us is the ballast. After removing all the rust affected pig iron from the ships belly last year, we now had the task of finding a new solution the weight her keel down and sort out the current "tender" stability issue. The simple solution would be to invest in a couple of tonne of lead. Only issue is, lead is expensive and we're not rich. We thought about a tonne of Sailor Jerry's, however, as you could imagine, that would bring its own stability issues.

Today I was supposed to put in my first full day of work in on Starlight. But I didn't. There was surf here in Malta, so when there is surf here, you go surf because you never know when your next chance will be. The vibe in Malta out in the water is pretty different to anywhere else in the world. You paddle out and the locals are super friendly. They ask you where you're from and let you catch as many waves as you want if you're polite. The waves were small, but fun. A good session for a bloke who hasn't caught a wave in 3 months. So cheers for letting me borrow your legrope surf instructor (sorry, forgot your name) and nice catching a few waves with you Peppi and Marco, catch you guys next swell. 

We've also been busy planning the new "Wet Workout" (the workout name is still up for discussion). Its for anyone who wants to be a super seaman or sailor siren . Its going to be run by Jenny Feather who is here with us in Malta to develop this seaman specific workout for a few weeks only. We look forward to seeing what Jenny has up her dirty salty skirt for us with this one.

So tomorrow I should go do some work on Starlight.