Keep your partner happy & stick to what you're good at!

Everyone who knows Kew, would agree that he is well known for many things; like playing the guitar until his fingers bleed at the tail end of a party, vulgar dance moves, minimal and scattered possessions, randomness and writing.

However he is most renowned for one thing....... resigning!

After convincing any new found employer that he’s "in it for the long haul", contracts are exchanged and the resignation clock starts ticking. It's just a matter of time.. Fortunately for the Starlight crew, that time came today.

Kew resigned his position as captain of a Caribbean based catamaran. The fear of missing the first leg of The Wet Way Home was just too much. Does he have plenty of funds saved? Probably not. Does he care? Probably not. But he’s done it and come November, he will be onboard with his guitar, a new synth and the giggling Bengy under his arm.