An ageing Scottish ship was bought for a steal - now follow some friends as they set sail from Europe, heading home to Australia. 

Ears pricked when an old timer appeared, needing a new home and fresh start. Convinced it was a bargain, the phones ran hot, an impulse purchased ensued, and suddenly a boat was owned, sight unseen. The plan is simple - fix her up and sail the seas, heading towards oz, then sell the boat & throw money at each other. We're looking for dance floors, tubes, groovers, riches and something to eat. Follow us surfing, singing, fishing & flipping our way back home. Nothing is set in stone except that drama, action and laughs will go down - and it'll all be on film..


No plan is the best plan, but here are some of the locales that the boat will visit at some point in the journey.


canary islands

Part of Spain, the Canary Islands are a group of islands off the North West coast of Africa, in the Atlantic Ocean. Due to its position, the Canary Islands are a last stop for fuel, provisions and a night out before setting sail to the Americas. But that's not all its got - The Canaries just so happen to have a bunch of world class waves. So what's the rush to get across the Atlantic ditch? Que pasa? January and February is the month for consistent west, nor'west and north swells, produced from storms off the east coast of the USA. After we get out of the med - we'll be hanging a left towards the Canaries.


After crossing the Caribbean Sea we’ll be shooting through the Panama Canal and popping out into the Pacific, the biggest pond on the planet. Panama has plenty to offer and the city has everything you could ever need. The waves start happening on the Pacific side from April, when the southern swells work their way up from below, so we’ll be aiming to get there around May. Santa Catalina is the pin-up wave, a rocky point that can handle some serious size, but there are many islands and beaches around that are rumoured to pump, and if we can dodge the crowds – that’s what we’ll do!

Canary Islands Surf pic.jpg


Home of the famed 'Soup Bowls', Barbados is the most easterly of the Caribbean Islands. Barbados nearly always has something, making it one of the more consistent spots in a inconsistent sea. The exposed east coast sees the most action, but there are waves to be had on every coast depending on the size and direction of the rollers. Winter is the best time for swell. There's a horse track to tempt the punters, carnival pumps, and you can watch some island cricket while chowing down on lobster. A melting pot of of cultures, perfect beaches and the home of Mount Gay puts Barbados on Starlight's hit list.

tuamotu islands

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean is a group of atolls forming part of French Polynesia. Collectively they are known as the Tuamotus, a group of seventy eight sparsely populated islands & atolls spanning the size of Western Europe. It's about as far from the modern world as you can get, and on the atolls that are inhabited, people are mainly just eating fish and drinking coconuts. The outer reef of the atoll creates a pristine lagoon in the middle, with the most abundant aqua worlds you'll ever see. The passes into the lagoons can have empty perfection with not a another soul for hundreds of kilometres..